Who we are

Johnstaff has one of the largest Health Advisory teams in Australia and New Zealand. Our team of highly skilled professionals have diverse experience working in the Health sector in clinical, operational, policy, business and management roles.

Johnstaff understands the dynamic Health environment, and is dedicated to delivering innovative, integrated solutions and providing thought leadership for clients operating in the Public and Private Health sectors.

Our highly skilled Health Advisory team is located across Australia and New Zealand, and operates under a networked approach to:

  • deliver the greatest value to our clients 
  • tailor our skills, experience and resourcing to the specific requirements of each project, and
  • promote knowledge sharing.

Whether it be setting out a strategy, transforming business operations, or embarking upon a large-scale capital infrastructure project or program, Johnstaff understands the critical role we play in providing genuine, expert advice and high-quality outputs to provide the foundations for our clients to achieve their objectives. 

What we do

Johnstaff is unique in offering three inter-connected Health Advisory work streams:


Three streams


Johnstaff's Health Advisory team can deliver all of these workstreams as part of an integrated planning approach, or a specific workstream based on our client’s needs. Core to each of our service offerings is our team’s ability to undertake complex stakeholder engagement and facilitation, navigate competing views of stakeholders, implement robust processes which support decision making and the development of key project deliverables, and to bring this together into a cohesive, high-quality output for our clients.

Health Advisory Services

Health Advisory Services is focused on providing direction and developing strategies and initiatives aimed at improving, redesigning or transforming business operations. 

Corporate / health strategy

We develop short, medium and long-term strategies which position clients to respond to the key issues, opportunities and challenges facing the Health sector.

Policy analysis

We formulate, evaluate, and assess the potential or actual impact of change in health or health associated policy.

Governance reviews

We review and embed the principle of good clinical governance into locally appropriate structures, processes, roles and responsibilities through a collaborative approach.  Our capability covers clinical audit, clinical effectiveness, evidence-based practice, risk management, research and communication.

Service reviews, redesign, transformation and implementation

We conduct clinical and non-clinical service reviews, service redesign and transformation to enhance safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability, and support the implementation of the changes required to transition from the current to future operating environment.

In doing so we use our knowledge and experience to design an approach which is reflective of the local environment and the need for structured transition, rather than a “one size fits all” solution.

Health Service Planning

Health Service Planning is focused on enhancing health service delivery to better meet community need. 

Health needs analysis

We undertake Health needs analysis, including socio-demographic profiling, Health service provider analysis, historic use of health services, and modelling the projected demand for Health services for a given population catchment, at a local, state or national level.

Models of care

We work collaboratively with stakeholders to develop holistic models of care for a particular service, patient cohort or care pathway, and identifying the implications of the model of care on operational and workforce planning.

Health / clinical service plans

We develop health / clinical services plans through a collaborative and structured approach, which consider issues and future trends in the health sector, local stakeholder input, data analytics, best practice, and the operating environment.

Program evaluation

We undertake structured reviews of health and social service programs, the extent to which they have achieved objectives, potential barriers to success, and issues and opportunities in establishing future programs.

Workforce strategies and planning

We develop cohesive workforce strategies / plans which are aligned with their strategic directions, models of care and current and projected Health service need.

Health Facility Planning

Health Facility Planning is focused on the activities required to assess the functionality of existing infrastructure, and to translate a service need into an infrastructure response and manage this through investment decision-making. 

Functional design brief

We work collaboratively with stakeholders to define their clinical, operational, design and spatial requirements into a functional design brief for clinical and non-clinical services / departments.

We work collaboratively with stakeholders and design teams to ensure the effective translation of service / department requirements into the built environment, ensuring that form follows function.

Design review and translation

We are skilled at working collaboratively with stakeholders and design teams to ensure the effective translation of service / department requirements into the built environment, ensuring that form follows function.

Business cases

We are adept at authoring and leading the diverse range of processes to develop robust business cases which have clearly defined objectives, governance, service need, options analysis, scope definition, budgets, program, risk and change management parameters.

Implementation and operational commissioning of new services / infrastructure

We understand the diverse range of strategies and processes required to support the safe and effective transition into a new service or new infrastructure, and the need for this to be done in a collaborative manner which builds local capability.

Post-occupancy evaluation

We understand the importance of assessing whether a capital or recurrent investment has achieved its intended objectives, and have a multi-disciplinary team with strong experience in undertaking comprehensive post occupancy evaluations.

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