North Metropolitan Health Service’s objective

To develop a state of the art facility to accommodate clinical assessment, offices and PC2 laboratory spaces for four research groups.


The new five level building was designed to house the Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Care (ADRC), Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute (ANRI), Ear Science Institute of Australia (ESIA), and Surgical Neurodiscovery Groups.

Johnstaff’s role

Johnstaff was engaged as Project Manager from project initiation through to the end of the documentation phase. This involved working through an extensive process of stakeholder and user group engagement to formulate the project brief, optimise the shared use of spaces, and increase the building’s efficiency by breaking down organisational silos.

There was a large group of stakeholders involved, including the North Metropolitan Health Service, Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute, the McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, Ear Science Institute Australia, the Surgical Neurodiscovery Group, Curtin University, Department of Health and Department of Finance. 

Sarich Neurosciences Research Institute, Nedlands, Western Australia

Addressing the issues

Two of the key issues for this project were the tight building site constraints and the access requirements of the surrounding functioning hospital.

Johnstaff led a critical review of the design to ensure the works could be completed while maintaining business continuity for the surrounding facilities. This included ensuring access was available for ongoing site services management, maintenance and deliveries. 

We also ensured the building design included future-proofing for the installation of an MRI-PET suite on the ground floor, an additional lift, and a liquid nitrogen generation plant.

map of the project location


  • Extensive stakeholder engagement

  • Maximised shared spaces optimising building usability

  • The surrounding hospital facilities continued operating throughout the construction