Austin Health's objectives 

To create a dedicated facility providing a range of specialist cancer services, including cancer treatment, education, training and research.


The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre (ONJCWC) brought together cancer services that were dispersed across the Austin Hospital and Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital sites, as well as a range of new and expanded cancer services. These include inpatient accommodation for acute and palliative care patients, a radiotherapy facility, ambulatory care services, clinical trials, a clinical research centre, an education and resource centre, and a wellness centre.

Johnstaff’s role

Johnstaff was engaged as Project Manager to lead the briefing, design and construction of the project. 

Olivia Newton-John & Wellness Centre, Heidelberg, Victoria

Addressing the issues

At project commencement, funding was only confirmed for the first stage of the works. Johnstaff and the consultant team designed the facility to allow delivery and operation of Stage 1 before funding for the balance of the facility was confirmed.

Johnstaff assisted in the development of three further business case submissions and further funding was confirmed in the 2010-11 State Budget (Stage 2a) and the 2011-12 State Budget (Stage 2b). 

Our team played a key role in developing and delivering an innovative procurement model and buildability solutions that allowed earliest possible completion of all three stages to meet operational demand. 

ONJCWC was the first patient-centered comprehensive cancer care facility at a public hospital in Australia.

map of the project location


  • Multi-staged project funding supported by innovative planning, procurement and delivery strategies

  • 90+ inpatient beds to provide acute and palliative care for patients

  • PC2 and PC3 laboratory facilities to support clinical research

  • One of nine international projects to receive Healthcare Environment Award