NSW Port Authority’s objective

To address berthing capacity limitations for large cruise vessels in Sydney.


At that time, the cruise industry was the fastest growing tourism sector in NSW, injecting an estimated $1.6 billion into the local state economy annually. Growth in the sector was limited as there were an increasing number of large and mega cruise ships that were unable to berth at existing terminals in Sydney.

Johnstaff’s role

Johnstaff was engaged to drive the development of a Strategic Business Case assessing options for a new berth and cruise terminal east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for submission to NSW Government by December 2018. 

Johnstaff supported all elements of the Strategic Business Case, including demand analysis, technical and site assessment studies and economic and financial analysis. We were responsible for all stakeholder and communications activities, including managing briefings across government and an extensive program of industry consultation.

The engagement was extended to provide ongoing strategy, support and issues management to assist the Port Authority to navigate the NSW Government’s Cabinet process.

Addressing the issues

Johnstaff’s integrated and robust project management ensured the multi-disciplinary consultant team worked cohesively throughout the project. This approach, combined with highly effective stakeholder consultation, ensured the smooth navigation of NSW Government processes and saw the Strategic Business Case delivered on time.

Following a positive Infrastructure NSW Gate 1 Review, the Strategic Business Case was approved by Government, enabling the project to progress to the Detailed Business Case phase.


map of the project location


  • The Strategic Business Case concluded that a new third cruise terminal was needed

  • Well-rounded business case responded to the needs of all key stakeholders and was delivered on time

  • The Strategic Business Case was approved by Cabinet