Seventh Day Adventist Church South Pacific Division’s (SPD) objective

To develop an education precinct in Wahroonga, including a commercial development component comprising 6,000sqm of medical consultancy suites and 250 car spaces.


The Parkway San Clinic forms a component of the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Wahroonga Estate, which also includes the expansion of the Sydney Adventist Hospital, relocation and expansion of Wahroonga Adventist School to accommodate Prep to Year 12, replacement of outdated student and key worker housing, 200 residential apartments, road and utilities infrastructure upgrades, Aged Care facilities and protection of more than 31 hectares of bushland.

Johnstaff’s role

Johnstaff was engaged by SPD as its Client Representative for the planning and development of the proposed commercial development. 

This required Johnstaff to establish the governance processes and provide strong leadership across the major stakeholders, including Board members. Johnstaff maintained a hands-on approach to position the project to achieve Board and council approvals.

Parkway San Clinic

Addressing the issues

We effectively managed key communication and approval processes, and established a strong and comprehensive delivery framework. This ensured we kept stakeholders progressively informed and expectations managed throughout the project. 

This proactive approach meant we could effectively address the main challenges of the project, which were:

  • coordination with local, state and planning authorities to achieve prompt approvals
  • design integration to ensure the facility respected the local surrounds
  • tendering and procurement of consultants and contractors
  • management of the construction delivery, and
  • review and reporting of project financial outcomes.
map of the project location

Designed and built in Wahroonga, NSW


  • Project deliverables achieved for design and planning

  • Established strong leadership with major stakeholders and Board members

  • Ongoing stakeholder management and reporting

  • Procurement, marketing and sales strategy developed