NSW Health Infrastructure’s objective

To integrate a range of health services to ensure they continue to meet the needs of smaller rural and remote communities with declining populations and ageing communities.


The NSW Government invested $300m in Stage 5 of the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) program across 14 regional sites.

The MPS model is premised on the collocation of emergency, acute, subacute, aged care and community health services to provide flexible and integrated services to the community. 

Johnstaff’s role

Johnstaff was engaged as Program Manager for all sites, which required collaboration, consultation and consistent communication across a significant number of Local Health Districts. 

Johnstaff was also engaged as Project Manager for delivery of the works at eight of the sites, which comprised a mix of relocation, upgrade, refurbishment and new construction works. Johnstaff’s role extended to the funding model of the services, as well as to the planning, design and future operations.

Multi-Purpose Services MPS Stage 5 Program Statewide, New South Wales

Addressing the issues

Although there was a program of works with common processes and principles, the scope, planning and delivery at each of the 14 sites required a tailored approach. The challenges included:

  • ensuring key design elements that respond to the Aged Care Standards, influencing the planning, design, and fit out of the service
  • staging to maintain operational continuity throughout construction in consultation with the Local Health Districts, and
  • using differing operational models, including establishing specific affiliations and partnerships with adjacent providers and ‘Precinct Partners’, to provide Health Precincts offering sustainable, flexible and integrated services for the regional and remote communities.

map of the project location


  • Increased aged care beds for regional and rural communities

  • Long-term program

  • Budget control resulted in additional MPS projects delivered within the original program funding envelope

  • 14 sites across regional NSW